Printed Jackets and Tote Bags


Anyone who runs a business knows that marketing is a multifaceted effort.

It is wise to get your brand’s name and image out to as many places as possible.

Using clothing and accessories as promotional items can be an easy and fun way to get your brand’s name out in the public’s eye.

They can also become an extra income for your company, if done right.

Read on to learn why you should have printed jackets and tote bags printing done, and how you can use them as promotional items.

Easy advertising

When you go to a concert, or sometimes even a local store, you are likely to see items like tote bags, shirts, and jackets being used as memorabilia.

The reason for this is that they make great tools for marketing.

Sure, you can put up posts, articles, and blogs on social media sites or web pages for free, but these have to renewed frequently with new posts to stay relevant.

Though if you follow the same method as concerts and some stores you will see that many years down the road word of mouth is still getting out without additional costs or work being done.

Every time someone wears a custom printed jacket or carries around a custom printed tote, it is hard not to notice the place they got it.

This draws their attention and piques their curiosity.

Making your tote bag or jacket work for you

To make this marketing technique work it is a very simple process — just give away or sell the items to people.

Of course there is a little more to it.

To truly make this work you need to have a good design that can catch attention and stick in people’s minds.

It needs to be something that people will want to wear and use.

Think about what your customers want — simplicity, vibrant colors, pictures, text, etcetera.

Once you come up with a design or two, find a company to print it out on a bunch of tote bags or jackets then get to work marketing.

Take your custom printed totes and jackets to trade shows, community gatherings, or other events to pass out.

Handing them out at your grand opening is another great way to get your brand’s name out there.

You can also make a few extra bucks by selling them to your customers, as well.

How to find the best place to get your items printed

When you are ready to look for a place that does jacket printing and tote bag printing, do your research.

Ask family, friends, and colleagues where they go for their printing needs.

Look around online for a few companies to compare pricing and quality.

See if they have special discounts for bulk orders.

Talk to them about the design you want.

If you have made a hand drawn design see how they want you to upload it to them.

Make sure they can get your order to you by the time you require it or beforehand and if they can relied upon for additional orders if needed.

Once you receive your custom printed jackets and tote bags it is time to get to work getting them in the hands of your customers and the minds of those they interact with.

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